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Practicing in the area of family law is challenging and demanding. We work with clients who have been involved in difficult and stressful situations, sometimes for many years. Family law clients expect their counsel to be competent, experienced and attuned to their specific needs. That is why at Mincher Koeman we are careful to select the right candidates to join our family.

We expect you to represent our firm with class professionalism, but we live by the rule “Talent REQUIRED, Suits OPTIONAL” and our clients appreciate this.

When clients are faced with a family law issue, they don’t need a $1000 suit. They need a smart lawyer who has their back, is willing to work hard for them, keep them updated about their case and when their requests are unattainable will communicate this to them in private in a firm but fair manner before their legal costs escalate.

Unprecedented Flexibility

At Mincher Koeman, you will be working in a forward-thinking, energetic and supportive team. Unlike the vast majority of law firms, which tend to be very traditional in their approach to the workplace, we pride ourselves on being innovative. Part of that innovation is adopting a flexible work-from-anywhere arrangement for our team whenever possible.

Our internal IT systems allow you to manage your cases remotely from initial consultation to date of conclusion. You’ll have access to your files by laptop, iPad and smartphone and can easily track your time spent on a file, so you are not forever chasing your billable hours. Unless you are required in court or for an in-person meeting due to Law Society mandates or privacy reasons, you’ll have the freedom to complete your work wherever suits you best.

A Supportive Environment Focused on Professional Development

Lawyers work collaboratively on files, both in the office and via various remote communication channels, each providing their specific skills to ensure our client’s needs are satisfied in a timely manner.

Mincher Koeman has created a relaxed culture focusing on continuous learning that allows for personal and professional growth in your legal career. It is essential that we support one another, and we will support your professional development. Our partners are approachable and committed to mentoring and supporting the growth of our associates.

Mincher Koeman: A Leading-Edge Calgary Family Law Firm

Founded in 2017 by Lynsey Mincher and Andrew Koeman, we are looking for like-minded legal professionals we believe we can call “family”. We are also looking for lawyers who aren’t afraid of a challenge when it comes to their cases.

If you are interested in a career with Mincher Koeman, please tell us why you feel you would be a good fit for our firm and submit your resume to lmincher@familylawyerab. Only suitable candidates will be contacted.

A team above all. Above all a team.

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