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Calgary Family Lawyers Providing Comprehensive Family, Child Protection, and Indigenous Family Legal Services

Mincher Koeman is a prominent family law firm in Calgary known for the breadth and depth of their practice. The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of family and divorce law as well as related legal matters such as child protection orders, restraining orders, revenge pornography, Indigenous family law issues, and Intervenor applications involving Indigenous Family Law matters. Equal parts high performance and high efficiency, the firm is hyper-focused on delivering exceptional results and offering best-in-class service for each and every one of their clients.

The Family Lawyers That Other Family Lawyers Turn To

The lawyers at Mincher Koeman are highly knowledgeable, seasoned practitioners. The firm’s partners, Lynsey Mincher and Andrew Koeman, both practiced in criminal law before shifting their focus to family law where they each found their passion, and now their niche. Their practice provides a wide variety of family and related services and they are skilled in handling a wide range of issues, tailoring their approach for each situation from low-conflict quick resolutions, to the most high-conflict matters. They often help under-served clients assert their rights and take a stance against purposefully intimidating and aggressive opposing parties. They provide excellent legal advice and skilled advocacy to all clients and are able to assist regardless of how the matter develops, including helping those who desire nothing more than an efficient and economical low-conflict divorce while having the tools to assist if the matter becomes more high-conflict.

Mincher Koeman recognizes that family law matters have the potential to become extremely expensive and complicated and that this comes at a time when the family is often under extreme emotional and financial pressure. They also understand that not all family matters are high-conflict. In recognition of this, they have developed a process where amicable families can address their own separation issues around the comfort of their own kitchen table, at very little cost and without the need for lawyer intervention until an agreement is arrived at and ready for signature. This process allows a family to easily create their own written agreements that incorporate all issues that are required to be addressed in Alberta, at a minimal cost.

The lawyers at Mincher Koeman are known for skillfully, compassionately, and effectively taking on a wide variety of family matters. They regularly receive referrals from other family lawyers and professionals working in the area to handle everything from simple and amicable divorces to the most complex, high-conflict family cases in the province. Thanks in part to the partners’ backgrounds in criminal law and experience working with Children’s Services, they have become reliable and steadfast defenders of individuals facing criminal-adjacent family issues such as emergency protection orders and situations involving revenge porn. They are also committed advocates for Indigenous rights with a practice that assists both with child welfare and guardianship matters as well as grant funding, something that sets them apart from other family firms in the area.

Saving Clients Time and Money Through Efficiency

Family law matters are notorious for being document-heavy. Collecting, organizing, and then thoroughly reviewing all of the necessary and relevant documentation such as financial records, past legal files, communications between the parties, and previous orders is hugely time-consuming and very expensive for both clients and lawyers.

Mincher Koeman has developed a unique system that streamlines operations, data collection, and document review, in a way that drastically increases efficiency and responsiveness while keeping administrative costs low. The system makes the document delivery process simple and convenient for clients and allows the lawyers to thoroughly review the contents of a file in a fraction of the time it takes at other firms. Time is the biggest factor affecting billing, and this system translates to considerable cost savings for the firm’s clients.

Having all of the necessary information organized and easily accessible also enables the lawyers to be fully prepared for all processes from mediation to court. Should it be necessary, Mincher Koeman’s lawyers are ready to appear in court at the drop of a hat should a matter become high-conflict. This is particularly important in family matters requiring swift action such as emergency orders for decision-making responsibility and/or parenting time (custody and access), guardianship, or protection. Having a lawyer who is prepared to attend court and argue a time-sensitive motion with supporting evidence and little advance warning can mean the difference between success and defeat.

Extensive Family Law Services

Mincher Koeman is not your average family law practice. In addition to providing knowledgeable advice and skilled representation to clients on matters such as divorce, support, decision-making responsibility (custody) and parenting time (access), their family lawyers also have an in-depth understanding of related matters such as the protection of one’s reputation, child protection, and Indigenous family matters. They regularly represent clients on a wide variety of family law matters including:

Best-in-Class Client Service

Poor communication is the most common complaint clients have with their lawyers. Understandably, clients feel ignored and underserviced when a lack of communication prevents them from knowing the status of their matter, what to expect going forward, and what their lawyers are doing to protect or advance their interests.

Mincher Koeman is committed to providing exemplary client service through consistent, comprehensive, and candid communication. Superior client service served as the foundation upon which the firm was built and continues to be fundamental to the firm’s identity.  So much so, that as a condition of employment, every single person who works at Mincher Koeman is required to sign a commitment to put clients first, to report every update to a client’s case in a timely manner, to respond to inquiries within two business days if possible and to provide excellent legal service in the most cost-effective manner they can. Even the firm’s office was designed with client service in mind, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients and their families, with a casual and friendly atmosphere. The office even boasts a playroom for children to relax in while the lawyers meet with their parent(s), replete with video games and other entertaining distractions.

Contact Mincher Koeman for Renowned and Proficient Advocacy in Family and Indigenous Matters

Family law matters are often contentious, and the parties involved are almost always seeking a quick and effective resolution to their matter while keeping negative emotions and drawn-out proceedings to a minimum. The lawyers at Mincher Koeman in Calgary can help. They are committed to providing impeccable service with efficiency, honesty and empathy. Please contact our office to make an appointment to discuss your matter with one of our lawyers today online or by calling us at 403-910-3000.

A team above all. Above all a team.

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