Cybercrime and security hacking are well known, and most everyone is familiar with stories of hackers hijacking satellites or breaching government agencies.  However, cybercrime also effects and targets individuals, small businesses, and more and more frequently, law firms.

This past year, the American Bar Association published an article setting out recent cybercrimes that had taken place against major law firms around the world.  While most people have heard of the information leaked in the “Panama Papers”, and it might seem logical to assume that hackers would target major international law firms, the reality is that any law firm, from a sole practitioner to an international firm are valid targets for hackers.

All law firms are susceptible to hacking attempts because of the nature of the data that we possess.  As law firms, we are provided with very sensitive and confidential information from our clients – as a result, this is a commodity to hackers who try to access and encrypt this data, effectively holding it ransom in exchange for monetary payout.  Such an attack was recently taken against the international law firm of DLA Piper, in which ransomware attacked the firm’s data and seriously disrupted their operations.

At Mincher Koeman, we take the security and protection of your data very seriously.  We have engaged a team of professional IT Security experts to help us develop safeguards and a system for the protection of your information.  Our files and system are protected by an Enhanced Security Suite of products from leading providers in the Cybersecurity industry.

Additionally, our systems are constantly scanned for the most current threats by two of the top virus and malware detection products.  Our email and communication tools are fully encrypted as well as filtered by the top identifiers of Spam and Phishing threats.  Further, we have implemented restrictions designed by the top Cybersecurity provider in the world, that prevents our systems or any user on our systems from accessing risky websites.

These are just some of the protections that Mincher Koeman has put in place to protect your data.  We take Cybersecurity very seriously and are constantly in communication with our providers to ensure that our safeguards are always up to date and utilizing the top programs and providers in the world.


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