Mincher Koeman LLP is proud to Sponsor the Team Panorama Ski Club.  We believe that healthy, active pursuits for children are critical for their physical, mental, and emotional development.  We also believe that involvement in sport and activity bring children and parents closer together and help create a lifelong bond of shared interests and activities.  The lawyers at Mincher Koeman also recognize that part of a child’s stable emotional development involves learning to work as a team, and support your peers in an inclusive and social environment that focuses on friendship and achievement.

We have sponsored the Team Panorama Ski Club in recognition of the great work that all of these involved people have put into making the Club a welcoming, safe, and fun activity for kids of all ages.

We are proud of the work done by the Team Panorama Ski Club and the accomplishments of all its members.

For more information about the Team Panorama Ski Club, please visit http://www.teampanorama.ca/

A team above all. Above all a team.

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