Mincher Koeman is taking additional precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak to keep our staff and our clients safe. We recognize now, more than ever, clients will turn to us for advice and support at this difficult time, when families are facing the challenge of separating with the COVID-19 backdrop, strained relationships will become more strained as social distancing and self-isolating occur, and co-parenting will not be without its challenges. Our office remains open and our staff are available to answer your questions. We remain committed to providing support during this difficult time in a safe and secure environment.


1. How is Mincher Koeman ensuring the safety of its employees and clients?

Our top priority is the wellbeing of our employees and clients. We continue to monitor the announcements by the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta. We are also taking additional precautionary measures. Our office has switched to a virtual office and the majority of our staff have been working from home for the last few days to ensure we maintain social distancing. The skeleton staff in our office remain there to facilitate daily requirements but we ask that during this time, in-person appointments be limited and online appointments are utilized whenever possible.

2. What steps are being taken to protect the office and client meeting environment?

We have limited access to our office to all but Mincher Koeman employees and clients who require in-person appointments. We have reduced access from all third-party providers and increased the frequency of cleaning with daily disinfectant at our office. We have implemented social distancing policies and work from home policies minimizing contact.

3. What happens if the Mincher Koeman downtown office has to close?

For our clients, the closure of our downtown office will have no impact as we are able to function as a virtual office ensuring that clients see no impact in their day-to-day relationship with Mincher Koeman. Our lawyers are still available for court appearances in the event the courts remain open and are closely monitoring the announcements from the Courts Website for updates about appearances.

4. I do not want to go to the Mincher Koeman office. What are my alternatives?

Mincher Koeman remains committed to supporting you through all channels. As always our client portal and online Questionnaire are available to ensure that information is gathered quickly and efficiently. All documents are available electronically on your file ensuring there is no interruption in the progress of your file, should there be limits on social interaction. All our staff are available for online chats and remain accessible through telephone calls and email. Wherever possible Mincher Koeman staff will facilitate the signing of documents electronically unless the Rules of Court specify that original signatures are required.

5. Does my file have to be placed on hold?

No. At Mincher Koeman we are committed to assisting families to transition to their new reality as quickly as possible regardless of the external physical environment. We continue to facilitate court appearances but can also offer assistance moving clients to other forms of resolution which allow for attendance from a place where you are able to exercise safe social distancing via video chat, but the process can still proceed. The electronic accessibility of all documents on your file ensures we can switch to the method of proceeding immediately, should you desire.

Micher Koeman is Here to Help, Now and Always

As always, our lawyers remain dedicated to providing impeccable service with efficiency, honesty and empathy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about your case in light of COVID-19.

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