Mincher Koeman is looking to hire two lawyers. A senior lawyer with 6, or more years of experience and a junior lawyer with under 6 years of experience

Working with Mincher Koeman means you will be part of a team of engaged and hardworking lawyers who take pride in the area in which they practice. We have created a relaxed culture focusing on continuous learning that allows for personal and professional growth. We are a busy firm located in downtown Calgary. We practice primarily in the area of Family Law, with a sub-specialty in the overlap between child welfare and aboriginal self-determination; however, we are currently broadening our practice to expand into the area of revenge porn and assisted reproductive law. We are looking for like-minded individuals who have experience and skills in handling the complex issues in traditional family law matters, but who are also interested in expanding the scope of their practice to uniquely challenging areas that exist on the fringes of conventional family law.

If you are you a hard-working lawyer who strives to be the best they can be on a daily basis, and who believes in a team approach where every individual is part of the wheel of success from the first point of contact the clients have with reception to the partners in the firm, then we would be interested in hearing from you. As a member of Mincher Koeman you will work closely with others to bring a strong team approach to litigation, negotiation, and settlement of our client’s matters. Depending on your experience, you may be working closely with the partners developing your skills in a mentored and structured environment or you may just hit the ground running with your own caseload to manage, with mentoring and support available when requested or required.

We have developed internal practices and systems to ensure all documents are managed and consistently organized so our lawyers can focus their time on billable work and keep non-billable time to a minimum. This allows our lawyers to achieve a quality work-life balance. We have developed a number of systems to allow for the automation of many legal documents to assist you in your busy practice. The areas of focus within the firm are all aspects of family law including divorce, child welfare and international abductions. We are also working with First Nations groups to develop the interpretation of legislation through case law in relation to the operation and application of child welfare laws to First Nations families.  As set out above, we are also looking to expand in novel areas of law that touch upon the family law experience, and are looking for candidates with an interest in not only learning new areas of law but with a drive to help with marketing and building a client base in these unique areas of law


  1. Provide effective and user-friendly advice and support to clients and other team members;
  2. Review draft and negotiate a broad range of legal documents including separation agreements; pleadings; land titles documents and legal opinions;
  3. Identify and analyze legal issues arising in all matters and have the ability to distill large volumes of information into focused and simplified language to effectively advocate on behalf of your client;
  4. Conduct legal research and analysis and provide legal advice and direction based on your findings;
  5. Attend mediations, arbitrations, and Court hearings and effectively advocate on behalf of your clients; and
  6. Prepare legal opinions on new legislation and the impact this can have on specified demographic groups.


  1. LLB or Juris Doctor, qualified to practice in Alberta, and a member of the Law Society in good standing;
  2. Experience working in family law or aboriginal law;
  3. Strong business acumen and analytical skills
  4. Strong interpersonal skills;
  5. Strong litigation skills and drafting skills
  6. Excellent negotiation skills;
  7. Exceptional communication skills (written, verbal, public speaking, and interpersonal);
  8. Strong ability to prioritize competing demands and the ability to work under pressure;
  9. Excellent customer service skills; and
  10. Organized, with excellent file management skills

What we can offer you.

Working with a driven team who are interested in the law, in addition to a competitive salary, as a member of Team MK you will also receive parking, health, and dental benefits. We have a relaxed working environment where lawyers are encouraged to dress smart casual in the office to ensure they are not intimidating to clients. We have a competitive pay structure with achievable targets and an advantageous bonus structure.

You will have the ability to work remotely with full access to all your files as we operate on a largely paperless system.

A team above all. Above all a team.

Calgary Office

707 7 Ave SW #1300,
Calgary, AB T2P 3H6

Canmore Office

621 10 St #101
Canmore, AB T1W 2A2

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