Would you like to become part of the family? Mincher Koeman is expanding. We are looking for lawyers and legal assistants to join our family.

At Mincher Koeman we approach all our files as a team to ensure everyone’s abilities are utilized for the very best outcome for our clients. This approach allows for mentorship and professional development for all our members.

We are a cohesive team who work hard to ensure our clients have access to a full range of services required to achieve excellent and timely results.

We have the most up to date technology and case management systems, so our staff can pull any file information quickly and accurately. This also allows lawyers to work remotely, respond to queries, and access file information with accuracy and speed, regardless of whether you are in Court, at mediation, or working from home.

We started Mincher Koeman to bring a new perspective and approach to family law. We believe in providing a service that fully engages our clients and is value for money.

Clients should be aware from the outset of the strengths and weaknesses in their case and how we arrive at those legal opinion. We believe in counseling our clients both in the law and strategic approaches, so that they can put their best foot forward, quickly and cost effectively. We strongly believe in the principle of always ensuring the client is fully informed; it’s the client’s file, and the client should always be aware of what is happening on their matter.

All lawyers working at Mincher Koeman are expected to be up to date on relevant legislation and case law and have a desire to be the best lawyer they can be, working in a busy environment with short timelines.

All legal assistants are expected to be knowledgeable and current on family court procedures, have strong Microsoft Office skills, excellent organization skills and pay close attention to detail. Above all, our legal assistants need to be team players.  

We have built an office with a relaxed environment despite the high professional standards we strive to achieve and maintain. A relaxed dress code and comfortable welcoming environment is encouraged.

We have expanded our practice working with First Nations to address First Nation Child Welfare issues. A knowledge and interest of Aboriginal Law and desire to work on matters of public importance which can influence future government approaches to First Nation individuals is important.

If you feel like you could be a fit for this team, please apply online or contact Lynsey Mincher at lmincher@mincherkoeman.com

A team above all. Above all a team.

Calgary Office

707 7 Ave SW #1300,
Calgary, AB T2P 3H6

Canmore Office

621 10 St #101
Canmore, AB T1W 2A2

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