Parenting After Separation is a free 6-hour workshop offered jointly by Alberta Justice and the Court of Queen’s Bench at various locations throughout the province. Designed to help parents understand how separation or divorce affects them and their children. It offers suggestions about how to make positive parenting choices while living apart.

Session Options

• PAS is designed for parents who are likely to be able to parent cooperatively for the most part from two homes. (Required)
• PASHC is designed for parents in high conflict situations. Focus is on safety issues and how to minimize conflict between parents. (3-hrs)

The objective is to provide parents with tools to:

• Understand and support their children’s needs in separation.
• Help children through the separation.
• Maintain a positive relationship with children.
• Understand the emotional, financial and legal implications of parenting apart.
• Gain an understanding a court processes (i.e. adversarial, litigation).
• Promote mediation, collaborative law and other dispute resolution options as a means of resolving disputes.

Important Details

• Sessions are at no cost to the participants, however, you must pre-register.
• Parents must register in different sessions to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. You will be asked the name of the other parent when registering.
• Do not bring children to the seminar. New spouses, translators, family members and friends must register if they will be attending with you.
• All sessions are held in the Calgary Court Centre, 601 – 5 Street SW, 18th floor

If you need more information or assistance with a parenting concern, please connect with me at (587) 356 1013 or email me at lmincher@mincherkoeman.com

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