Sometimes conflict can’t be avoided.  However, in respect of conflict around parenting schedules, decisions, and communication, sometimes conflict can be reduced with the help of third party tools.

It has become a frequent comment of the Courts that they have become overburdened with an excess of family law applications; particularly applications over matters that the parties could have foreseeably worked out themselves.  However, in the context of a relationship breakdown, it can sometimes be difficult for parties to work together and communicate effectively.  Certainly lawyers can assist, as can mediators; however, the costs of such assistance is always not warranted over what might be simple matters like scheduling a pick up of the children, or asking for the return of children’s items, or even one parent asking the other for a temporary change to the parenting schedule.

In these cases, many families have found help through the Our Family Wizard software suite.  Our Family Wizard assists parties in scheduling and tracking parenting time, and the easy sharing of information and relaying communications through the use of a website and mobile apps.  The programs keeps records of all parenting, the children’s schedules, communications between the parties, and even expenses and payments from one party to the other.  Additionally, each party can share access to the account with their respective lawyers so that the information can be saved by each Counsel so as to ensure that there are clear historical records to help reduce potential disagreements about what might have happened or what might have been said.

By minimizing the person to person interaction, and reducing the need for communication to solely go through each party’s lawyer, the parties are often able to reduce the conflict and their legal fees.  In this way, not only do the parties benefit, but the children also benefit and are able to continue to build their relationships with both parents in an environment of reduced conflict.

If you have questions about Our Family Wizard, or believe that it might help with your current situation, or if you need legal advice or representation with any family law matter, please contact Mincher Koeman LLP at 403 910 3000 or reception@mincherkoeman.com.

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