Parents who need to attend with Children

At Mincher Koeman we understand in the early stages of separation, the little details are the ones that make life difficult and overwhelming. We understand that parents with small children may need to bring them when they attend to meet with their family law lawyer and yet, this adds to the stress when the parent is trying to talk to a lawyer while a small child requires occupying. At Mincher Koeman we take our clients needs seriously. We have designed a child friendly interview room where one of our staff members will entertain your small child, if they are of an age where they can understand what is being discussed, or alternatively, they can play with toys, watch a movie or colour in the same room while the parent meets with a lawyer.

Legal Representation for Children and Youth (LRCY)

At Mincher Koeman we represent children who need legal representation because they have been removed from parental care by Child and Family Services, or concerns exist about the parental care they are receiving. Our child friendly interview room is used to interview children we represent if they attend at our office. It provides a comfortable setting where children and youths can walk round, speak to their lawyer, play with games or colour or challenge them to a game on our X Box to break the ice.

If you need to access the services of a family law Lawyer, please contact Mincher Koeman at 403 910 3000 or reception@familylawlawyer.com

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